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Welcome to Global Built Environment Review and recently updated website. We look forward to continuing our twelve year relationship with our contributors and readers from around the world from our new site so please feel free to browse and direct any queries you may have to our Editor – in – Chief. Details can be found on our contacts page.

GBER was launched in 2001 as a refereed quarterly electronic journal with printed editions. It aims to have a wide international readership comprising of architects, planners, developmentalists, environmentalists and students from both the western and the developing world.

Although the main focus of GBER is the ‘Built Environment’ it also intends to include debates from the perspectives of the related macro socio economic, political and developmental issues. Its editorial policy particularly welcomes the views expressed through the socio culltural determinants of the present day ‘multi cultural’ society which influences the contemporary ‘Global Built Environment’.


The journal is genuinely interested in debates on the built environment of both the developing and the developed world. The idea is to foster an effective north south solidarity and provide a forum to encourage a better understanding and communication on a wide variety of built environment issues including the emerging ‘globalisation and its impact on both Eastern and Western multicultural built environments’.

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